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RIZ ELECTRIC believes in commitment, which dedicated its management, staff and other stake holders to deliver

Commitment creates devotion, allegiance, loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity, bond, adherences, attentiveness

RIZ ELECTRIC Management encourages towards this practice to all employees to take the responsibility of the task and accomplishing it as an opportunity

This method is really fruitful in terms of
Order Follow up
Timely Task Completion
Consistency in Quality Set by Customer


Transparency is an ongoing process that can have ongoing results

Transparent workplace is “operating in a way that creates openness between managers and employees.” This type of openness between managers and employees creates trust and leads to a successful organization

Transparency towards Buyer is a key essence for successful business relation with sustainability and diversification


For any business, it is important that the finance it procures is invested in a manner that the returns from the investment are higher than the cost of finance

Smart Financial Management with the planning, organizing, and controlling of financial activities like the procurement and utilization of funds

RIZ ELECTRIC is devoted to a judicious use of capital and a careful selection of the source of capital in order to enable a spending unit to move in the direction of reaching the goals


RIZ ELECTRIC has started communication between all employees from different departments to have a less hassle in operations and executions

So in order to have a quality, in time and good products, everyone in the organization must understand the importance and wide spectrum of the end use

At RIZ ELECTRIC every individual employee is a stake holder of a product being run in the organization

In order to be intact with this process of communication we especially arrange workshops, trainings to sustain it in a long run

Also we empower employees to take responsibility at their end and everyone takes individual responsibility to make the product aesthetics in back of their mind

Technological Advancements are so swift and creates effortless operations to save ample amount of time and energy

Benefits in monetary terms as well as subsides accidental risks


Apparently very ECO FRIENDLY and sustainable to ENVIRONMENT due to its smart and low power consumptions

Our Technology makes your home SMART

Use available resources in an very efficient and effective manner with stranded monitoring, it furnishes clarity to plan out your outputs of routine consumptions of most used commodity. It was never be so easy in a conventional Electrical Panels used for Centuries


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